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Building Strategy on

Strong Foundations

We focus on partnerships to help businesses reach their full potential. Since 2004, we’ve helped founder-led businesses scale for successful futures by creating collaborative strategies that harness and optimize rapid growth.

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Core Values

Seek Collaboration

Build Commitment

Show Respect

We foster spirited partnerships and provide unique perspective—seeking wins for everyone through insightful discussions.

Above all, we believe in our team, and in the business owners with whom we partner. We hold the owners’ work, expertise and opinions in high regard.

Not only are we committed to our owner-operators and investors, we are committed to the employees and the common goals of each and every partnership we form.

Partnerships Where
Everyone Wins

At Hastings, we prioritize partnership over purchase. That means seeking opportunities, but also creating strong relationships in order to identify businesses that can turn financial backing into sustained growth. Our investment model is designed to not only find, but also to create, these partnerships geared towards joint success.

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Our Investment Criteria

We look for companies that have a

history of profitability and cash flow, as well as sustainable competitive advantages in markets where we see potential to drive transformational growth.

North American Operations

Control Equity Positions

Platform Investment
$20-200MM Revenue

Highly Engaged Founders

Core Sector Knowledge

and Expertise

Add-on Investment
Open to smaller-sized opportunities: $1MM + EBITDA

3–5 Years Profitable Growth

Market Validated Model with Record of Earnings Growth

Our Investment Crteria

Diligent. Responsible.

At Hastings, we seek to drive positive outcomes for our partners, while ensuring enrichment of our employees, surrounding communities and the environment. We employ consistent evaluation and tracking methodologies in order to establish reporting metrics for our portfolio companies—quantifying five core categories and establishing KPIs for each one.

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Health & Safety

Employee & Wages

Governance & Business Ethics

Local & Community Impact






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