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Make Every Decision Positive

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is not an afterthought at Hastings. Our aim is to have every investment, strategic and operational decision we make throughout the investment lifecycle contribute positively to all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, the environment, and society at large.

Investing in Humanity

We believe that companies participating in ESG initiatives generate higher returns. Hastings seeks to leverage our financial and operational resources in support of ESG to generate positive shareholder value.

Committed to High Standards

We employ a comprehensive framework to assess and track core ESG categories, looking at employee and wages, health and safety, local and community impact, governance, business ethics and environmental criteria. These considerations are rated on a scale from 1–5 and tracked as part of our continued management and accountability assessments for each of our portfolio companies during the evaluation period and throughout the life of an investment.

Reaching for Environmental Awareness

The environment is not something outside of us. It exists even within our smallest communities and affects each individual on an intimate level. Our awareness of environmental concerns—from carbon impact to total regulatory compliance—brings us to consider environmental responsibility across all operations.

Active Engagement and Participation

Hastings is intent on understanding more than what “we” think is important.  We consider the concerns of a broad set of stakeholders on ESG and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) issues by actively engaging to ensure our perspectives are both relevant and representative. With each investment, we drive active participation from management through incentive stock ownership plans and representation on the board of directors.

Hastings ESG Principles

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