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Investing in People and the Business

Hastings Equity Partners invests in founder-led businesses and their employees.  Businesses that begin with a solid foundation, possess specialized expertise, and have had proven success. We work closely and are highly engaged with these companies to overcome limitations and scale operations leveraging our financial and operational expertise.


Over the past 20 years, Hastings has invested five funds accross 65+ businesses, with a goal of taking their performance to the next level together.

Hastings® Business & Industrial Services Investments

Case Studies

Case Studies

Petroleum Labs

Specialty Welding

and Turnarounds

Code Red Safety

Helping transform SPL into a

next-level contender in its field

through professionalization

and expansion.

Taking a multi-pronged

approach to position a

leading safety provider for

more growth and reach.

Enhancing a reputation for

delivering industry-leading

turnaround support while

tripling in size.

Your Success. Our Priority.

At Hastings, we are dedicated to supporting your business as we work together to achieve your goals. This also includes the development of an exit strategy that meets your standards. So whether you’re looking to start your next business or spend the next year with your family, Hastings can help find your next.

Provider of Safety Services, Communication Solutions and Labor Force Logistics

Code Red.png


When we met with Hastings, there was a completely different vibe. They were more down to earth, very thoughtful and engaged with the complexities of our business.


Mike Miller
Code Red Safety

Leading Distributor of Piston Engine Aircraft Accessories


Hastings created lasting value that

we’re still seeing over a decade later. Their investment in our team is still paying dividends…


Brett Benton
Quality Aircraft Accessories

Provider of Electric Testing and Electric Power Systems



I’ve dealt with lots of equity groups who only care about money, but Hastings cares about people. They understand that in order to catapult growth, you’ve got to retain good people and take excellent care of your team.


Earl Ambler

Success Stories
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