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Case Studies
Specialty Welding and Turnarounds

SWAT Specialty Welding

and Turnarounds

Implemented immediate back office support and automated staffing processes to enhance Specialty Welding’s reputation for delivering industry-leading turnaround support.

During turnarounds at downstream facilities, the race is on to perform

hundreds of projects around the plant. A big part of that work involves welding services for mission-critical assets; work requiring specialized expertise that’s hard to find. SWAT had earned the reputation for being a trusted provider of these specialty welding services for Gulf Coast refineries and petrochem facilities—but wanted more.


Reducing risk of customer loss through growth and diversification of customer base

Expanding operations into key refining states outside of Texas

Implementing a back-office team to support operations

Streamlining staffing processes to scale up for large turnaround projects

Value Creation

Complete implementation of back office team: CFO, Controller, HR and Safety Management

Developed a digitized staffing process to ensure quick tracking, selection and assignment of personnel resources to new projects

Supported negotiations with California Unions to open the door for SWAT into California refineries (taking CA revenue from $0 to $40M in a single year)

Built new facilities to support expanding fabrication operations

Tripled size over three years

Established a Board of Directors including outside directors Carin Barth, board member of Enterprise Products, and Walter Pinto, retired 25-year executive of LyondellBasell


Leveraging Prominence, Tightening Processes

Operationally, Hastings Equity Partners implemented a back-office team and improved the manual staffing processes with a digitized, automated approach. Hastings also supported service expansion beyond welding, by repositioning the company as elite turnaround teams. SWAT is now bidding out a wider scope of work and winning projects at a larger scale. With tighter processes, better marketing and more opportunity, SWAT is competing at a whole new level.

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