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Helping founder-led
businesses accelerate
growth and create value

Founded in 2004, Hastings is the preferred capital partner

to founders and owner-operators of lower, middle-market

businesses in North America.

Our Mission

Hastings creates long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, providing them their first institutional capital while helping them scale. Our hands-on and collaborative approach to maximize potential and see these businesses flourish has remained constant. We offer operational expertise, financial acumen and resources in an open, honest and inclusive culture that has defined Hastings since its inception in 2004.

Accomplished Experts

Our team of dedicated experts is committed to

nurturing partnerships for positive outcomes.

With diverse backgrounds and sharp business

acumen, our team is driven to provide powerful,

responsible leadership to business owners and

investors alike.

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Successful Partnerships

Hastings focuses on partnerships that help

businesses reach their full potential. Our approach

is geared towards creating collaborative strategies

to optimize rapid growth and help founder-led

businesses scale for successful futures.

Harnessing Powerful Potential


Hastings Founded


Investment Funds


Average Revenue Increase of Exited Investments


Management Teams Investing Alongside Hastings





Active Deal Sourcing Relationships

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