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Traffic Control & Protection Announces Rebranding to High Star Traffic

May 2023

Bartlett, IL, May 23, 2023 - Traffic Control & Protection, a leading mid-west traffic services business, announced today that it will be known as High Star Traffic.

The decision to rebrand was driven by the company’s desire to reflect a new era of growth, while preserving the rich heritage and legacy of the three founder-led businesses. With a new brand, High Star Traffic will continue to provide the same high-quality traffic services that customers have come to rely on.

High Star Traffic, formerly Traffic Control & Protection, is the combination of three founder-led traffic services businesses: Traffic Control & Protection (TCP), Trafic Services (TSI), and Traffic Control Specialists (TCS). The combination of these companies has expanded operations to include all areas of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

“While TCP, TSI, and TCS each have a unique history and rich legacy, it was time to bring these cultures and companies under one brand and into the next phase of growth. High Star Traffic is the natural evolution of these brands.” said Jon Smith, CEO of High Star Traffic. “The new brand represents our collective experience and our commitment to quality, service, and safety.”

In addition to the name, the rebrand features a sleek modern logo that encompasses the full range of traffic services that the company provides. High Star Traffic has also updated its website and LinkedIn page to reflect the change.

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