Investing Responsibly 

Hastings commits to manage our investments in ways that take into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations. Our goal is to have every investment, strategic and operational decision we make throughout the investment lifecycle contribute positively to all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, the environment and society at large. 

As such, we commit to provide resources, expertise and support for expanded ESG Practices within each portfolio company. ESG considerations are a part of our management and accountability assessments for each of our portfolio companies during the evaluation period and throughout the life of an investment. We commit to continually monitor ESG impacts and implement best practices into our operations.

We are believers that companies participating in ESG initiatives generate higher returns and we commit to leverage our financial and operational resources in support of ESG to generate positive shareholder value.

During our due diligence process, we commit to evaluate potential investments in light of Hastings’ ESG expectations.  If an organization passes, we will work with management to ensure continued progress in ESG performance from the investment. If an investment fails to meet our ESG criteria in due diligence, we first examine if it is possible to make sufficient changes within the organization.  If this is not the case, then we will forego the investment.

Environmental and Sustainability 
From awareness of carbon impact to total regulatory compliance, we insist on a commitment to environmental responsibility for all operations. 

Stakeholder Accountability 
Hastings considers the concerns of a broad set of stakeholders on ESG and HSE issues. We are committed to understanding more than what “we” think is important by actively engaging stakeholders to ensure our perspectives are relevant and representative.  In each investment, Hastings drives active participation from management through incentive stock ownership plans and representation
on the board of directors

Employee Health and Safety 
We provide our portfolio companies with the tools and resources needed to responsibly enhance their ESG processes to drive the portfolio companies to go beyond compliance and find new ways to protect employee health and safety.

Workforce and Leadership Diversity 
Hastings Equity Partners pushes each of its investments to lead their respective peer sets in improving performance through strong diversity and equitable focused metrics.

Community Support
Hastings Equity Partners demands all of its leaders, partners and employees to properly respect and support the communities which host operations and interests. We continually review, discuss and implement new practices as ESG best practices evolve.

Transparency, Ethics and Compliance
Our organization has an unquestionable legacy of ethical business management and operation, and we expect the same from our partners.