Hastings Equity Partners works with business intermediaries, accountants, lenders, and attorneys to help us find good investment opportunities. We enjoy positive and mutually rewarding relationships with these intermediaries, and we work hard to be considerate, confidential, and responsive.

We understand the complexities involved in closing deals of this size, and we act accordingly by living up to a set of established principles:

  • Respect for the intermediary's time
  • Respect for the value of the relationship between intermediary and business owner
  • Respect for the established process (keeping the intermediary in the intermediary position)
  • Be up front and honest in what we do and how we do it

Intermediaries have chosen to work with Hastings for the following reasons:

  • Immediate response to calls and correspondence
  • Fast, frank indications of interest
  • Customary finder's fees to intermediaries
  • Committed capital
  • Strong track record and network of lending relationships
  • Straightforward, decisive and respectful negotiations

Please contact us with any opportunities or if you would like further information on Hastings Equity.

What Our Investors Say

Burnell Roberts | Hastings Investor Mead Corporation, Former CEO
"The challenge facing any company is how to grow without comprising service. Hastings partnership with TSI provides real experience that makes a difference."
Ed Carpenter | Hastings Investor Barnes Group, Former President & CEO
"Hastings enabled the prior owner to retire by bringing in a highly experienced operator who has revitalized Profiles. The company is now larger and more profitable than any time in its 40-year history."
Mike Lipscomb | Hastings Investor Argo Tech, Former CEO
"The combination of my industry experience with Hastings' operations competence is a powerful catalyst for a small, growing company like QAA. We're putting the pieces in place to allow the company to grow to the next level."
Ralph Wilson | Hastings Investor Buffalo Bills & Ralph Wilson Enterprises
"Drake has the hallmarks of a great investment: well established brand coupled with a new market opportunity. Hastings provides the hands-on strategic support to realize this opportunity."
Robert McCormack | Hastings Investor US Navy, Former Assistant Secretary
"Seacon Phoenix had grown beyond its operational capabilities. Hastings' investment of capital and expertise helped improve operations which resulted in the company nearly doubling its revenue and tripling its profitability."

Fast Fact

Hastings strives to help companies create sustained value for its employees, customers, and investment partners.